Directors' message

Teaching and learning is our main focus

Directors' message

Welcome to Colegio Santiago Internacional (CSi) and thank you for visiting our website.
Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.
We invite you to have a look at the wealth of information about our curriculum, activities, school life, projects and strategy.

At CSi, teaching and learning is our main focus. Through differentiated, enjoyable and engaging learning experiences, we bring together students ages 4 to 18 in a personal, intellectually challenging, dynamic and supportive environment where multiple perspectives and cultures are respected and celebrated.
We believe in educating the whole child. As well as academic progress, your child will develop into a responsible global citizen, guided by our school´s principles of honesty, integrity and respect for others. Pupils are encouraged to play a part in their own development. They are challenged and given the opportunity to discover their own abilities.

Our classroom teachers are UK and Portugal qualified, with up-to-date training so that teaching standards are always high.
Lessons are differentiated according to each child ability, a bilingual approach is also used so that pupils communicate from an early age in English and Portuguese and also understand and learn about both cultures.

All of this guarantees that every child in our care receives the best possible education.
CSi team works hard to create an environment where children enjoy learning and feel safe and confident to participate. We believe that children should have fun while they are at school and that mistakes are a natural step in the education process and create new learning opportunities.
We encourage you to come and visit our school to sense the unique atmosphere of CSi.

Ms. Ana Alves
Ms. Ana Alves

Director and Head Teacher