Life @ CSI

Life @ CSI

At CSi we start our day at 8.30 am where the school opens and our teachers have a brief meeting about the day ahead.

At 8.45 am it is time for Registration where our Mentor takes us to the day and makes sure we are on our Growth mind set for learning.

At 9am our lessons start and in the morning there are always more academic subjects, such as English, Maths, Science, Portuguese so that we are more capable to concentrate as our mind is still “fresh”.

At 10.30am we have our break, we go to our canteen where a fantastic snack is waiting for us, we have choices between sandwiches in normal bread, delicious French Baguettes, cereals, yoghurts and fruit. After we go outside to play until the next lesson that starts at 11am.

The rest of the morning until lunch time is again with a lot of learning on our subjects.

Lunch time is a different experience from different age groups, the Primary classes, years 1 to 4 go to lunch earlier at 12.30 pm, Years 5 to 9 go to lunch at 1.15pm in the school canteen as the years 10 to 13 do however some of the older students prefer to go out for lunch, probably to have a more serious conversation between them.

We go back to lessons at 2.20pm, in the afternoon there are normally more “relaxed” classes, we have Music, Art, PSHE, Projects or Physical Education.

The lessons finish at 3.50pm, when we go back to Registration to reflect on our day.

At 4pm we all go and have the afternoon snacks in the canteen and then we are ready to go home or to our extra curricular activities.

Click here to download CSi Primary School Guidelines.

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