At Colégio Santiago Internacional we believe in students’ potential and encourage them to become active members in their communities and to contribute positively as global citizens.

Projects is a subject that motivates students to learn about their own environment, and empowers them to acquire a deeper knowledge of real-world challenges and problems. They learn about themselves and their role as citizens of the world.

Students work as a team and try to respond or find a possible solution to a problem chosen by them. After some research and planning they act accordingly in order to achieve its goal; so they learn by DOING.

This school year, students from year 5 and 6 have decided to focus in their own school and after some investigation, they decided to stimulate and improve on Student Communication and Writing Skills.

Consequently, pupils created a school newspaper - they have edited and published news that showed different areas of information, from sports, riddles, school life etc;

Short Stories Book – they write poems, and other narrative texts; a Comic Book - inspired in Tintin, they write the plot and build characters; and a Script based on Star Wars, where they explore their creativity on a new and unknown episode of that film series.

Students form Year 7 and 8 worked in their garden project, planting seeds and collecting the fruits, so then we can all eat our own products in our canteen;

Building of a tippy village in the playground and in coordination with the art teacher they drew and painted the outside walls;

Pupils are now embracing a new project – to create a slogan for the school Radio Station and in the near future they are planning on a new project - a students’ association -.

Students from Year 9 did a Project based on Environmental issues, create a mascot to their school named Roby 24, with recycled material, where students are asked to give ideas to improve their school and are also organising a fundraise to collect items (clothes, books, toys) to then give to Non-profit associations - to help people in need.

These projects give the students accountability, responsibility and ownership of their own ideas, so that they become independent learners and are better prepared for our globalised world.